iClone 7 Motion File Organization

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By waleshire - 3 Years Ago
Hello Everyone,

I get so mixed up with all of the different motion pack files that sometimes I can't find one I was looking for. Does anyone know if iClone 7 would get messed up if I were to just combine all of the male standing motions into one file and all of the female motions into another file and so forth?

If I could have about 10 files that held all of my motions, it would be a lot easier to find things.

Any perspective would be appreciated, thanks!


By paulg625 - 3 Years Ago
You can move stuff around, But it could get messy during an upgrade or if you re-download something,  That said I tend to move stuff were I want it to be. And had to do manual moving when going from 6 to 7 but it wasn't a bad deal either.  Another thing you could do is use short cuts. But this is time consuming. 
By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
There actually is one "rule", so to speak. That is to put like with like. So put all your motion sub-directories under the motion directory. Stuff like that. The content manager requires you do that so it can display your stuff.
By Kelleytoons - 3 Years Ago
I have always completely reorganized all the content I've bought and created (I move stuff from the custom directories over to the template ones because I don't want to go hunting).  And don't get me started on CC (that one I have a folder structure that looks NOTHING like where they want to put stuff).

Never been an issue through any updates or upgrades.