iClone 7 PC performance

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By Rampa - 5 Years Ago
Your computer has a slot for the card, so that's a good start!

When upgrading your graphics card, another key factor is your power supply. The new Nvidia cards are very low power, but do check the ratings of cards and your supply. Also, if you do not have fans in your computer case, you need the "blower" type card. It's the type that is all sealed up with one fan at the front. They exhaust heat out the back of your computer case.

If everything could work out with it, I would suggest getting a GTX 1060/6 Gig. But the 1050ti should work well too. The more VRAM on board (bad pun), the better.
By SeanMac - 5 Years Ago
There is a detailed page at https://www.reallusion.com/iclone/download.html#system-requirements

The minimum requirements compared to the recommended requirement are a sight to behold.

I am still checking out the specs on high-end laptops that can cope with the Faceware plugin.  Love to know of useful experiences.

Home Built in Coolermaster ATX case with GigabyteGA-Z170X-GAMING 7 MoBo, i7-6700 @ 3.4 Ghz, Asus GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card, 32GbDDR4 RAM, 4K & HD monitors, Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet, Kinect v2, Logitech920 Webcam, Win 10 64 Bit OS

By paulg625 - 5 Years Ago
I have a beefy system Xeon processors not fast 2.1 but lots of ram 128g and a 12g Titan Z   card. It holds it own with all the settings on until the scene starts getting large and or I have other programs on with it which I tend to do. The only way to get a good bench mark though is comparing Apples to Apples. I remember when I was starting to use Indigo render engine and seems when people were talking about there frames rate and render rate theirs was always better and I though damn I should be doing better then this. Then I downloaded a test file everyone was using and then I was getting a true comparison.

I would think a 4 gig card will do fair untill you start getting a lot of stuff in your scene. I know I get up into the 4-6 g range when setting up a scene.

But with this said if you setup your scene at a lower res then only turn on things to get the look you want. then off when moving around you should be fine...
By Kelleytoons - 5 Years Ago
Glad it works for you.  Faster and more is always better, but if someone is using 7 nowadays I would advise no lower card than the 1060 and no less RAM than 6gb.  But you can deal with less.

(I will be waiting for a GPU that has 16gb, as that will surely be my next purchase).
By raxel_67 - 5 Years Ago
I have a gtx 980 with 4 gb, it can handle big and complex scenes, sometimes you can eat up all the vram using a Lot of 2048x2048 textures but if most of the textures are around 1024x1024 you can handle big scenes with some performance issues, but it is workable. GI on the other hand will usually be too much for the 4 gb in vram, and in some cases too much for the gpu, but if you disable gi in the viewport you gain the lost performance, rendering will be slower of course My point is a gpu with 4gb is capable of handling iclone pretty well with some limitations if you can get at least six gb that would be a much more comfortable amount of memory. And rampa raised a very important point: Check the amount of juice that your power supply unit can handle because if the demand is higher you might experience blue screens of death or power shutdowns.
By animagic - 5 Years Ago
SeanMac (9/27/2017)
The minimum requirements compared to the recommended requirement are a sight to behold.

We have repeatedly criticized those minimum requirements as becoming more and more unrealistic...Crazy I assume it's the RL Sales department that wants to keep them in...Unsure

The sad thing is that unsuspecting new users go by them and then get disappointed...Crying
By OnlyOneKenobi - 5 Years Ago

I'm curious - I recently replaced my six year old computer with a midrange one - mainly for Photography, Photoshop and Video editing - and thus I sort of neglected the GPU, with the goal to upgrade it later. At the time I settled for a low end Geforce GT 730 and it doesn't do well in iClone 7 at all unless I drop a lot of the settings to low, and even then performance is pretty bad all things considered. iClone 6 did slightly better, but I haven't used it heavily on the new computer. Since I'm not heavily into PC gaming, I decided to opt for a 4GB Geforce GTX 1050 ti which according to my research is fairly decent and should make a significant change...
The rest of my PC specs are :

AMD Ryzen  5 1600
Windows 10

What are your PC specs? How does iClone 7 perform for you with all the bells and whistles turned on? I'd imagine the GI effects could choke some machines pretty badly...?

By OnlyOneKenobi - 5 Years Ago
Ok, I installed the 1050ti last night and happy to advise performance is much better. The GT 730, despite also having 4GB VRAM was so slow that even in "quick mode", and all textures turned down low with GI and pretty much all the fancy features turned off, I rarely got scenarios where my characters could lip sync dialogue in real time, or even do body and face puppeteering effectively... When lip syncing to text to speech or a recorded mp3 or wav file the sound would be way ahead of the animation which made it difficult to do animations properly. Now at least it runs like it should...
By urbanlamb - 5 Years Ago
..that actually looks like a mistake cause those are the iclone 6 requirements ..probably should send a note to support or put it on the bug tracker or something cause those are not iclone 7 requirements Smile