Sail ship in rough and calm seas.
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By GSSEV3D - 5 Years Ago
Also available is the sea object on its own in 4 scenes with different lighting etc.
In the market place at  : Rough seas and big waves
By bjarni_282453 - 3 Years Ago
I am very interested in using the picture on the top on a book cover (see attached picture). The book is about accidents at sea in the beginning of the 19th century in Iceland. The Icelandic market is very small (we are only 300.000 people living here) and the printrun will be 1000 copies.
Best wishes
Bjarni Þorsteinsson
Publishing Director for Bjartur&Veröld
By GSSEV3D - 5 Years Ago

Sail ship with cannons prop, Ship in animated rough 3d sea scene and calm sea scene with island. Animated rough sea prop.

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