Eyelid problem on closed eyes

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By youfeelsafe - 3 Years Ago
It's a 3D model.
I have found two solutions :

1) I take two pictures : one with the eyes open and one with eyes closed.
Before importing, I merge "eyes closed" over the "eyes open" picture (just to cover the top half of the eyes
than in CT, I create my own eye balls from the "eyes open" image (I do that anyway). It works perfect for closed eyes in CrazyT
but in the process I loose some of the details of my models (natural top eyelash and morphological details
of the upper eye (when open).

2.The other solution wich is a better compromise I think is to edit the face texture file in
Photoshop to reduce the side effect of pixels stretching, mostly by reducing contrasts.

Here are some screen captures of solution #2
I hope it can help people with the same problem.

Detail of the photoshoped face texture file (left eyelid only has been edited)

Result in Crazy Talk. Left eye VS Right eye.

Same dude with the eyes open.
LEFT (corrected) vs RIGHT.
The compromise: I lost some natural contrast of top eyelid line and eyelash, but at least, if my character
close his eyes it doesn't look like a bug.

N.B. these are just tests. the process can be improved.

By animagic - 3 Years Ago
Is this for 2D or 3D heads?
By youfeelsafe - 3 Years Ago
Ok. I understand that this forum is not very active.
Is it visited by the developers ?
If the purpose of the software is to make animated heads (talking or not)
Shouldn't we be able to produce a decent eye blinking ?
(without a pixel stretching effect?)
By youfeelsafe - 3 Years Ago
Hi, I think the title says it all...
In Crazytalk 8 how can you fix the eyelid so it doesn't look all ripple when the character blink ?
I can fix the eye balls ok but I can't find the option to do the same with the eyelid. There should
be a way to do it since the youtube tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLA-KSu6z9Y)
does not seem to show that kind of problem ...

Tnx -