Curve Editor 01: Intro
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By Grace (RL) - 4 Years Ago

Curve Editor 01: Intro

Differences between Linear and Non-linear

Previously there was only the Template which doesn’t allow for much editing, and now the existence of the Curve Editor has become a game changer with the following implications:
  • Dynamic, interesting, and even realistic motions can be achieved.
  • The ability to make mechanical and biological motion visually distinct.



Spline (custom)


Getting Started - A Lesson in Bouncing Ball

Let’s take a look at the usage of some very simple keys to quickly understand how the Curve Editor can be used for Prop transformations.

Contents of the video:
  • Ways to open the Curve Editor.
  • Curve Editor first impression and preliminary information.
  • From axis to axis, we’ll explain the relation between the directional axis and the motion.  Especially the most shallow concepts of the Curve Editor.
  • Exhibit the differences between linear and non-linear motion.

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