Character Creator 2.0 - Morph Slider - Height Adjustment
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By Lord Ashes - 3 Years Ago
If you "purchased" this item (for 0 points since it is a freebie) it should show up in CC automatically. There should three new sliders: "Actor | Body | Full Body | Height", "Actor Parts | CC_Base_Eye | Full Body Support | Height" and "Actor Parts | CC_Base_Teeth | Full Body Support | Height". In order for you to adjust the character height you need to adjust all these of these sliders. The first will adjust the actual body height while the other two will ensure that the eyes and teeth are also adjusted accordingly.
As far as I know the morph should work on any CC character so it should be compatible with essential morphs although I don't own essential morphs so I cannot confirm that 100%. 
By AasmundSchei - 4 Years Ago
I phurcased this, but I cant see it in my inventory. Also, is it compitable with the essential morphs?
By Lord Ashes - 4 Years Ago

Unlike G6 Characters which had an Avatar Proportion option in iClone, CC Characters don't have this option in iClone. It is assumed that character height is adjusted in CC and then the adjusted character is imported into iClone. However, the basic CC version (without the Essentials Pack) does not provide a Height adjustment Morph. So for all of you users that don't have the Essentials Pack, here is a free Height Adjustment Morph.

The Height Morph comes in the form of 3 sliders. One for Full Body, one for Eyes and one for Teeth. First, set the Full Body morph to the desired character height and the adjust the Eye and Teeth morphs to position the eyes and teeth in the correct position. Please note that depending on the character used, the value for the Full Body morph may not match the value for the Eyes and Teeth morph, so please use visual inspection to set the values for the Eye and Teeth morphs.

You can get your Height Adjustment Morph - Absolutely Free - from Lord Ashes Warehouse in this aisle. However, we encourage you to check out Lord Ashes Warehouse for many other prop, clothing and character needs.