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By Kelleytoons - 4 Years Ago
Can you answer a question for me?  (And if this isn't the right place to ask I apologize).  I own your Stylized morphs, and consider them essential, along with the Essential Morphs.  I looked at your store just now and see your CC Heroes Combo pack but it appears I need to buy each individual character first?  And if so, why do I need to buy the pack in the first place?  It says the morphs in the pack are derivative content but it appears as if they are derivative of themselves, so to speak.
By ToKoMotion - 4 Years Ago
Hi Kelleytoons. Thanks a lot for your question and no worries. If you buy a Combo Pack of my characters you will always get all the individual characters that are included in this pack. No additional purchase necessary. Due to the DRM protection a Combo Pack is always a derivative of the individual character morphs in it. I always need to upload each individual morph to the Marketplace first and create the Combo Packs from them as a final step. So the individual morphs are always  the base and the Combo Pack is a derivative. Hope that makes sense.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks again and have fun.

By rogyru - 4 Years Ago
Got most of your packs very good work  use them in most things i do . Be great to see what you could do not being restrained to the Human biped in CC .  Wish RL would look to add some animal/ monster bipeds to CC
By ToKoMotion - 4 Years Ago

By ToKoMotion - 4 Years Ago
Hi Everybody.

I will share all my Sketchfab CC Design Ideas in this thread. Hope they can be some kind of inspiration for you and your projects. I will update regularly and feel free to follow me on Sketchfab. Let me know what you think and have fun.

By ToKoMotion - 4 Years Ago
The Oldie Morphs can also be scary. Very scary Unsure

By kungphu - 4 Years Ago
Brilliant as usual!  Keep em coming Tokomotion.
By Kelleytoons - 4 Years Ago
Thanks for the info.  I love all your stuff, and even if I might never use them I find it's nice to have the morphs in my tootkit.