Amplify LUT 200+ (2017/06)
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By Miranda (RL) - 5 Years Ago
Amplify LUT 200+, creates the professional file looks instantly.

Product: Amplify LUT 200+

This best-selling color grading solution found in the Unity asset store (Amplify LUT Pack), is now packaged and available for iClone 7 users! This pack provides the most comprehensive collection of high-quality Color Grading Presets for all kinds of application demands.

The pack contains over 200+ LUTs, ranging from stock film base grades, to popular games, and stylized looks. Take your project to the next level with the added color adjustment and multi-layered blending features available in iClone 7.

Get 10 x stylized categories in this pack including base, color blindness, film color, film mono, popular looks, stock film base, stock film standard, stock film vintage, stylized misc, and stylized retro.
  • Pack includes: .iEffect Files for iClone 7, .Png Files
    • Base x 31
    • Color Blindness x 7
    • Film Color x 22
    • Film Mono x 8
    • Popular Looks x 37
    • Stock Film Base x 14
    • Stock Film Standard x 14
    • Stock Film Vintage x 12
    • Stylized Misc x 33
    • Stylized Retro x 29
  • File Size: 27 MB
  • Compatible with : iClone 7.0

Please click HERE to visit the product page for full information.

Full package "Visual Essentials" is available in store.
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  • Amplify LUT 200+
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