Someone to training me to use CrazyTalk
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By Project Manager - 7 Years Ago

Hi everyone!

I'm newbie using CrazyTalk and would like to learn by an 1-to-1 training on how to use the application.

I will pay for the tutorial.

So far, I do work with 3D and editing program, so the learning process should be fast.

My interest is to get a in-depth view on the application and learn how to operate it on live.

My perspective on the learning process: introduction to the interface, practical training. 

The tutorial can be over the internet (skype, facetime, etc).
Payment can be made by paypal or other payment option.

I do intent to pay for the tutorial and please, contact me in private or over here explaining the terms of the payment and the amount of money that the tutorial will cost.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Very best!
By Koschkov - 7 Years Ago
i'd love to teach, please contact me to my mail at thanks!