Iclone 7.1 release date

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By wires - 4 Years Ago
We haven't even got a final release date for iClone 7.0 at the moment as it seems that this version is still in testing. It has been mentioned a few times in various posts from RL members that 7.1 is "expected" to be released at the end of this year. No matter what, there is no way that anyone at RL is going to get themselves mobbed by posting a date that may not happen.
By gogstudios - 4 Years Ago
Before you think I'm being greedy, let me justify why I'm asking this question. The pre-order page states that faceware mocap is releasing along with iclone 7.1. Also, the much awaited curve editor is releasing with 7.1. Because of these awesome features, that would be the actual release of iclone 7 for me. So, when will iclone 7.1 release?
Also, If reallusion team member could clarify on the upper limit of faceware's pricing, that would be extremely helpful(including faceware's cost).
By gogstudios - 4 Years Ago
If that's the case, then I guess I will hold off buying iclone 7 for now. Hope a reallusion member can clarify on the release date. I don't need an exact date, just the upper limit of the release date.