Intel swaps out of Nvidia into AMD
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By planetstardragon - 4 Years Ago
My guess is that they aren't getting dumped,  but AMD is now being allowed into the intel gpu code which was proprietary to NVidia. Apparently this has been in the works for a while since Direct X 12 was intended to give AMD an advantage to compete with

So maybe the deal was at one time exclusive with NVidia,  but now Open to AMD as well,  would be a smart financial move for intel to have them both. Intel need not be part of the amd vs nvidia rivalry to make money,  and I'm sure AMD is ready to pound on NVidia from all those years AMD was at a disadvantage,  especially now that Video Ram is being used for more than just video.
By justaviking - 4 Years Ago
animagic (5/16/2017)
Regardless, it wouldn't make much difference from RL's perspective.

I can't imagine the on-board graphics suddenly competing with the class of discrete graphics cards iClone requires.

By planetstardragon - 4 Years Ago
More info on this -  apparently Nvidia sued their way into it's intel deal!
By GrannyJ - 4 Years Ago
If that ends up being fact (Neither Intel, NVidia onor AMD will confirm/deny as of this moment), that would result in a giant loss of market share for NVidia (and a major gain for AMD).....
NVidia has always seemed to be a bit ahead of its competitor's R&D, often bring the new tech to the marketplace quicker. We'll just have to play "wait'n'see" as to what impact this will have on us (the consumers) & on 3D corporate strategies at corporations (like RL)....
Going to be an interesting ride.....  Hehe
By SeanMac - 4 Years Ago
Reports that Intel has changed its graphics partnership from Nvidia to AMD.

I wonder will this impact RL's strategic direction.

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By animagic - 4 Years Ago
Intel would be a competitor of AMD's own chips. Regardless, it wouldn't make much difference from RL's perspective.

Actually, without knowing what the licensing deal entails (i.e., which Intel and AMD business groups are involved) it's hard to say anything intelligent, and the article is sorely lacking in details. $200 million is not negligible but also not huge given NVidia's $7B revenue.