Can 3DXchange be used with Character Creator without iClone?
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By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Character Creator only supports bipedal characters so you can't create any four legged animals. The software is designed for primarily for human characters but you can create two legged animals like apes or sci-fi characters like aliens or robots etc.
By nosslok - 4 Years Ago
Hello all, new here and very interested in the Character Creator software.
My primary interest would be using CC to create a model for use in 3d printng BJD dolls.  I'm really not that interested in all the animation features in iClone.
My first question then would be is it possible to use 3dXchange to export an OBJ from CC without having iClone, or is it necessary to have the whole pro "bundle"?
My workflow would be to take the OBJ to Blender for subdivision smoothing and then to Rhino for detailed work.

The other question is whether there are any restrictions on selling 3d printed items created with the aid of CC.  I don't see any mention of this in the EULA.

Thanks in advance.
By Rampa - 4 Years Ago
Both CC and 3DX require iClone to run.
By nosslok - 4 Years Ago
OK thanks.
The trial download for CC lite mentions being able to try all features.  It's odd they don't mention that you need iClone.
So there's no way to try the software without purchasing iClone first then.
By Rampa - 4 Years Ago
You get a limited number of exports with CC Lite. I would think that for your purposes you should have a look at these two options.
By nosslok - 4 Years Ago
OK thanks very much, that's what I needed to know.
I'll need to upgrade my old Dell Dimension or get a new 64 bit box first.
Been thinking about just getting a little Alienware Alpha box for this kind of thing.
By Rampa - 4 Years Ago
CC Lite runs by itself. It's just limited to 5 exports.
By nosslok - 4 Years Ago
Thanks Rampa,

Yes I've used both of those programs.  MBL is coming along but still has some quirks.
The faces and bodies look much nicer and more natural in CC. 
So CC lite requires the full iClone program then or does it run by itself?
I don't mind spending some money on a really good character generator but I need to see how it works first.
I would use DAZ but they have license restrictions on 3d printing.

Thanks again.
By guptagolu313_552017 - 2 Years Ago
How to import custom character in cc 1.5 like animals , character