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By Miranda (RL) - 7 Years Ago

Product: Anime Character - AYAKA

During the day AYAKA is a clever and sensible high-school student, but when night comes she transforms into a ruthless killer complete with her own battle suit to become an anonymous threat.
With the new CC PBR effects, you can generate great-looking character combinations for any 3D animated video, or game. With this pack you can get the best visual effects in no time. Just follow a few simple steps to transform AYAKA into any of your design ideas.
  • Pack includes :
    • Presets (CC Cloth and CC Accessory) x 18
    • Characters x 2
    • Morph x 1
  • Artist : Kohlrabi Studio
  • File Size : 467 MB
  • Compatible with: 
    • Character Creator 2.0
    • iClone 7.0

To find out more about this new pack featuring two fully detailed Anime characters, please click HERE.


By hirospot - 7 Years Ago

Hi, there,

Thank you very much for releasing the AYAKA, the Double Identity Girl.
I'ts Very versatile model !!

I've been using her peaceful side and made a music video to sing a Japanese song.

Two Japanese reports are also available for
    ① chaning School uniform and
    ② singing Japanese song on the Dancing Stage.
         Report ①Report ②

Here are findings:
1) The Viseme tab of  the Expression Editor of 3DXchange 6, thumbnails in the list 
    does not match the AYAKA lips shape, however, by creating the new profile to meet the
    Japanese Pronunciation, lips move very fine.

2) Viseme thumbnails location of the Lip Editor in the iClone 7EA is different
     from Viseme Table of 3DXchange 6.
     Will these be organized in the official versions 3DXchange7/ iC7?

Thank you,

By Miranda (RL) - 7 Years Ago
Hi Hiro-san,

Interesting video! We will bring your video to the developer, he will be happy to see his works with this application Smile

From your image, the upper left shows ".fbx", which means that the example you post it is the Viseme for non-standard character. 
We have no plan to update the table for Viseme at this moment.

The Viseme for CC base character is this one:

By hirospot - 7 Years Ago


Thank you very much for your approaching to the developer regarding the Ayaka music video.
That is my practice to use Ayaka as a young Japanese Girl singing Japanese song.
Their lips shape were edited word by word on the Timeline to look like a proper Japanese pronunciation. 

Lip Editor is very important for me to express Japanese language on the iClone characters.
By making and loading the custom .3dxFaceAnimProfile for Japanese Vowel and Consonant on the
3DXchange, it becomes effective on Lip keys on the iClone 6/7 timeline.

Regarding my findings, I checked the Viseme relations for CC and CC2 characters.
1. When CC character such as Natalie.iAvatar is used with audio file on the iClone 6/7 Timeline, 
    the following Lips Editor is shown. 
          Fig1    (Lips Editor)

2. The Viseme for CC base character you mentioned is shown when CC character
     is directly loaded on the 3DXchange 6 and this is not visible on the iC 6/7. 
    ( I wonder why this Viseme table was developed. )

3. At 3DXchange 6, when CC Natalie is exported and imported by fbx basis,
    it turns to non-standard character and the following Viseme is shown (Fig3).
   The custom .3dxFaceAnimProfile made and applied to CC Natalie here works
   on the Lips Editor for each Lip keys on the iClone Timeline .

4. The custom .3dxFaceAnimProfile made on the Viseme Fig3 does not work on the Viseme Fig2.


5. CC2 Character such as Pirate.iAvatar when imported to 3DX6 from CC2,
    the same Viseme fig2 is shown.
    When she is transfered to iClone 6, the fig1 Lip Editor is shown.

6. When CC2 Character Pirate.iAvatar is tried to export as FBX model, 
    Export License is required.
    It seems when using CC2 Character with Japanese audio, Export License is mandatory.

Thank you for your patience.


By Miranda (RL) - 7 Years Ago
Hi Hiro-san,

The bonus Female Pirate you got is iContent, which is not exportable.

I try to summarize your finding, but I'm not sure if my comprehension is correct. Are you point out why both Lip Editor (IC) and Viseme Editor (3DX) are for character lip-sync but with different interface?


By hirospot - 7 Years Ago

Hi Miranda San,

Thank you very much for your concern and very sorry for my way of reporting.
Let me write down my findings and feelings step by step.

1) I created the custom .3dxFaceAnimProfile to match majour thumbnails with Japanese Pronunciation.
    (3DX6 / AYAKA export license version)

2) When I edited the Lips on the Timeline, I found  that the Viseme thumbnails layout
    was different between Viseme Editor (3DX6) and Lip Editor (IC7). (AYAKA )
3) I noticed the thumbnails layout of Lip Editor are alphabetical, and the custom .3dxFaceAnimProfile
     is reflecting on the majour  thumbnails, so work is done, but,
4) I felt that Both Viseme Editor and Lips Editor would be better to have the same thumbnails layout as
    a leading pipeline tools.

5) And, newer [Viseme for CC base] is different from both Viseme Editor and Lip Editor !!

6) When using other CC base characters with former Viseme Editor and custom Profile,
     purchase the characters with Export License. (Pirate is excluded)

:New question:
7) [Viseme for CC base] does not have 15 alphabetic thumbnails, does lips shaping for the Voice
   on the 3DX6/7 not expectet?

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Thank you for your attention,