A small favor concerning a movie project of mine.

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By rightdecis - 3 Years Ago
I've lately filmed an entire feature film in IClone 5. And while I am very proud of it I've decided to wait until IClone 7 is released and film it all over again before it will be released to Amazon and have only sent copies of DVDs to my close friends and the voice actors of it. And IClone 7 from what I've read about and seen in preview videos looks to be extremely promising in being to make the already excellently done movie ten times better. For one thing with the ultra-realistic global illumination rendering I've seen examples of.

I was wondering if any of the lucky IClone users who were among the first thousand to pre-order IClone 7 before the end of last year would be willing to do me a small favor of allowing me to send them (preferrably through email) a project file that is a small sample scene from my movie, and have it rendered in the global illumination of IClone 7 and then sent back to me as a video? This is so I can make sure it will be worth it to refilm the whole movie in IClone 7 from practically scratch as I am looking forward to IClone 7's release and will soon be able to pre-order it myself. To make it clear, I fully intend to only show this video to a few people via a private link on Vimeo that is password protected (as I've read is required for now) and just as I would prefer the user who would be willing to do this for me to delete the project file afterward.

If anyone would be willing to do me this small favor let me know.