new character overwrites crazy talk charicter
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By chissy - 4 Years Ago
Your correct that's what I'm doing, I was worried that if I passed the character's on to somebody else they would overwrite each other.

Do you know if there is a way to name them in such a way that this cant happen?

Thanks for helping - Dave
By chissy - 4 Years Ago
I made my self a character using one of the G2 base characters. I renamed the character in the scene manager and exported it out in the character composer.
I then made a new character from this character renamed it in the scene manager and exported this new character out in the character composer.
When I import both characters into a project they over right each other.

The question is what have I not renamed?

Thanks for any help...
By Peter (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Are you saving your characters in Content Manager after creating them in Composer mode?

If you save them in Content Manager, providing they have different filenames they will be treated as two separate characters and they can be loaded as such. If you then just drag them into your scene window they will not overwrite each other.