Daz3d importing scenes

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By BigCityDreamz - 4 Years Ago
Hello I have iClone 6 pro 3dxchange pro with the Daz3d extension. I'm a newbie working on my first 3d animation but most of the assets I want to use is in Daz3d. The assets I would like to import from Daz3d are some vehicles, scenes with buildings, board games and animation. I attended the webinar as well as watch the tutorial that went over importing G3 avatars but I couldn't find anything on other assets I mention. Can someone please show me a workflow to bring in my assets from Daz3d. In iClone 6 Fundamentals 4-in-1 they don't go over importing assets from other tools.   
By Rampa - 4 Years Ago
For non-skeletal props, you can save them from DAZ as OBJ or FBX, and import them.

For skeletal props, you need to use FBX, and import them in 3DX the same way. If it's not an avatar, you just characterize it. So cars or animals that have skeletons can be imported.

Here's a basic tutorial.