Create Non Human and Non-Standard Human iClone Cute puppy dog ( iAvatar+iMotions)
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By prime107 - 3 Years Ago
We need an iClone Avatar with a comprehensive motions pack for a Cute puppy dog character rigged as 4-legged (Non Human type in iClone) and 2-legged characters (Non-Standard Human type in iClone).The dog is the main character for a children oriented Nursery Rhyme. The puppy has to be cute looking and perform motions and dance moves that accentuate the lovable and adorable qualities of the character.The motions list for 4-legged rigged Character (Non Human Type) :100 motions from this ( these motions for a Biped rigged character (Non Standard Human)Mad Dash RunTeasing with tongue out. Cute PleaseMiss youToo CoolParty RunMischievous winkDance   Thumbs up motionSitting in front of a fanSee YouAngry Stomping feetTalking on phoneLaughing heartilyListening to Music on HeadphonesCute BathingWonderingSkating happyCrying sadHappy HelloCold ShiveringI will call youCall meLove meFeel Like KingPlease provide the timeline and cost estimates. We have to start the project as soon as possible. Thank you! The files below are gif type, check it out in Irfan view. As I understand you need 1. Make the model on any platform. 2. Rig it according to iClone Non Human(Quadraped Dog) and Non Standard Human(Biped Dog) standards. (Details on the Character Specification here: Add motions a. From the pack (100 motions from this ( and create 24 custom motions<<<<<<OR>>>>>b. Create own 124 motions >> Them convert and import it to iMotions format, Use 3DXchange. 4. Present the Finished product a: 2 iAvatar models rigged in 2 different ways(Non Human-Quadraped & Non Standard Human-Biped))b: Motion pack with 124 motions. Details on Converting Models to Non-Standard Human Characters ( Bones for Converting to Non-Human Character Non-Human Motions in iClone Tutorial: Motion Dog:>>>>>HACKS>>>>>As for the motions You could download/buy the motions from that pack{100 motions from this (} for maybe $20 and the fit the motions to the model. >>>>OR>>>>> you could fit the model according to motions first. >>>>OR>>>>> You can use the same model and in Zbrush or other tool change its look to look like our character. You will already get a Quadraped rigged character and then only have to deform it in suitable software! This is my comprehension.. So this will be cost effective and fast.Please feel free to do the project in your own steps. These steps are my understanding. Please do suggest ideas for making the process fast and cost effective!