Creating a Side G3 Character
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By brookelustig - 7 Years Ago
Hi everyone,

I am attempting to create a G3 character. I was able to get a front character to work and now I would like to use the same character for the side motions. How do I accomplish this? Do I need a new image file? Does anyone have any tips on how to transform a front image character to use for the side/angled portion of g3 characters?

Hope to get some help here, desperateSmile


By kylelee - 7 Years Ago
HI, It seems like you will need to prepare two characters and switch to another character while on the other side in your case.

You can refer to demo project: 02_G3 Human.
You could see how the demo changed front character to side character at frames 218.

I hope this information could help you!
By Snarp Farkle - 7 Years Ago
The online CTA3 manual is probably the place to look for an answer. [HERE]
By brookelustig - 7 Years Ago
Hi guys, thanks for the responses! I know I need two different versions of the character. I have created a front custom character and my question is how do I transform this custom character so I can use it sideways with cta? Can I do it within cta or do I need to use an external tool like photoshop or illustrator? Does anyone know an easy way to change the angle of a front G3 character so it can be used with CTA g3 elastic motion (side)?

Thanks again,