Hair today gone tommorow
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By woody173 - 4 Years Ago
Hi I am still trying to complete my character and after all this time, looking around for tutorials etc i still cant get it right.
The problem i have is the hair. I have looked into crazy talk to create my head, and although its fairly close its still not me. I have found tutorials on how to create hair, but then i would have to learn how to use ZBrush and the tutorial isnt that great anyway.

So is there anywhere i can buy a descent hair style that doesnt have crazy sideburns and is sort of short and thinning for my character.
I do know a little about Blender so dont mind ceating my own, in fact might prefer it as i feel its not so much of a cheat.
A descent video tutorial would be great. Im unsure why iClone hasnt bought out yet another rediculously high priced addon to create a hair style of your choice with sliders etc. Or if their is one whats it called?

Please help a frustrated old moaner who needs all the help he can get

Many thanks