FaceRig for iClone

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By davood.kharmanzar - 3 Years Ago
FaceRig Studio is a program enabling anyone with a webcam and PC to digitally embody CGI characters.
The output can be streamed in real time, saved as a movie or exported as .fbx animation.
By ninjarama - 2 Years Ago
FaceRig and Perception Neuron is a pretty cool integration!  But that helmet rig looks crazy and heavy!  Can't wait to see an official product for FaceRig and Neuron... thanks for sharing davood!

Here's another example from their YouTube channel:

By animagic - 3 Years Ago
Studio version will be good if affordable (no need to deal with Steam). If there is an API/SDK, one may be able to code a plugin with Python. That would be a fun project!
By davood.kharmanzar - 3 Years Ago
FaceRig Studio and Perception Neuron:

FaceRig Studio is only 299$

more info:
By animagic - 3 Years Ago

What we are looking for is FaceRig Studio, for which no price has been announced yet. The website says it will be released this week.