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By bran216 - 7 Years Ago
HI all,

Currently learning the ropes on iclone's video tutorials, but am having issues with duplicating and moving cloned objects.  in the tutorial it involves constructing a picnic table, and a plank is cloned, rotated, and then cloned again to make the other 4 legs.  in the course of doing so, I discovered an odd misalignment with the x axis...with the table globally zeroed in, I expected the -x values to be proportional to the x value, and in fact it is off.  I cannot understand why that is happening consistently.  I checked all the other parts of the table, and they are all fine and properly placed.  

I've included 2 screenshots to show you what I'm talking about.  I selected the planks as well.  one is placed at 87.6 along the x axis.  the other, at -87.6, should technically be at exactly the same spot inversely.  it is not.  and if you are going to ask, the values of the crossbars are both 86 and -86 on the x axis.

By Rampa - 7 Years Ago
your seeing this difference because the pivot on the original is on one side of it rather than centered. So when you drag off a copy, it's pivot is still on that same edge. 

You can adjust the pivot using the quickset or manual settings for it. Scroll down a bit in the modify panel to find the pivot section.