HELP! Export License not recognized
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By edgrimaldi - 3 Years Ago
So far I'm very disappointed with the support I've received (or lack thereof) from the iClone ticket system. The only response I've gotten was to seek my answers in the forums. So if anyone can help me salvage the $700 I just dished out I would be eternally grateful. 

Bought iClone6, character generator, and the 3DXchange pipeline a few days ago for the purposes of exporting FBX models into a Unity project. Everything seemed to be working until tonight. Now, with everything still running, haven't even shut off my rig for a couple days, exports fail saying that CC_Standard isn't licensed for export! All the content we've purchased we upgraded to the export license. I even tested it with a saved iClone project that exported fine yesterday but not today. No changes. All bones in 3DXchange now appear in Maroon (red) whereas they appeared black yesterday. There are zero topics from I can see in the forum related to this and iClone support is MIA. 

Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks in advance for your help!
By LookingGlassGraphics - 3 Years Ago
Hello, I wish I could help on this subject but I'm actually going through the very same thing. Trying to export my character design and it doesn't allow me to even though I have purchased the export license. The good news is now I know I'm not alone in this.
By andy_49 - 3 Years Ago
Same problem here.
Maybe there is some issue with the license server?
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
We are very sorry to hear about these export license issues.

At this time we are urgently investigating this issue which may be related to the worldwide denial of service attack that took place on Friday. This DDoS attack affected many sites including the servers which we use for our DRM verification.


We will continue to do further checks and as soon as we have more information about this issue I will update again to let you all know. Do also feel free to contact our Technical Support department using the link below who will keep you updated on the issue on a one to one basis.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.