Animation over Video. Has anyone ever tried this and if so, how did you do it?
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By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
I'm not sure.  I thought Pop video 3 was pretty much a chroma key tool.  Will it incorporate into iClone and do motion tracking?   Hopefully!
By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
Thanks guys.  I'm going to check all this out.  I know how to achieve this in Premier but so far it looks like its not possible in iClone.   That would be a nice feature in the next update.

By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
Yeah.  I would do motion capture of someone dancing one here can dance!  lol
By mark - 4 Years Ago
I guess I'm missing something, I do that a lot,  but it sounds like something similar I did awhile back for an RL contest. I setup my dancer's animations and "filmed" them in iClone and then mapped that render onto the wall of the set and re-rendered the animation again. Not too obvious in this example but you could easily have the dancers on the set and the projected animation in sync.

Of course once you have the dancer's anims/iMotions created you could have them dancing at any location, render that, and map that render onto any set with the dancers dancing to the same iMotions it should be all in sync...

By mark - 4 Years Ago
I can relate...TongueTongue
By RobertoColombo - 4 Years Ago

I think it is impossible to do directly in iClone but I believe it is possible to achieve with Blender, even though it won't be a push-button process.
Also, it will probably be needed to have some kind of video tracking to the hands/feet/head assigning some coloured masks so that Blender can somehow recognize them. Then, you can export the resulting object animation into iClone.
I can't give more details / hints as I am still on vacation (South Africa... what a wonderful experience!!!).
When I am back I might try to check how to do this.


By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
I'll check it out.  Thank you!
By LP_movies/tvs - 4 Years Ago
pop video 3   you must be talking about 
By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
Close but what I'm wanting to do is to take a video of a live person dancing.  Put it into iClone and then map an avatar to dance just like the person on the live video.  It would be pretty much motion tracking.  Place the avatar and link various points on its body to the body in the live video.  Then capture using motion tracking on those points.  With enough contact points, the avatar would mimic the live dance. I'm doing this now but as stop motion work which is tedious.  So I'm acting as the tracker.    I don't really think its possible to do in iClone but wanted to ask.  

Great work btw and thanks for the response!
By Cygnux - 4 Years Ago
What I'm trying to do is to run a video in the background and sync my avatar to dance exactly like the video.  It works and runs fine but I have to basically do stop motion animation on the Avatar which is time consuming.
Does anyone know if there is a way to link certain points of the video to certain points on the Avatar?   Hand to hand, foot to foot, etc for example.  I guess it would be similar to motion capture but using video instead of live motion.

Sorry if this is poorly worded, still in learning stage.
By Cricky - 4 Years Ago
Here's a small Sample of Rotoscoping done using iClone5. It should give you an idea of how to do the process using two flat planes containing your sample you want to follow.
By Cricky - 4 Years Ago
Rotoscoping is kind of difficult to do inside iClone, but I just recently did a search for Motion Tracking and saw this:  Pretty Interesting to see it at work.  

You can do small motion sets inside iClone and have the camera track for you, but a long string of motions would be tedious.

Post editing would be easier if you have a program that accepts Mocha as a plug-in.  Some software actually ships with it as a default plug-in.
By mark - 4 Years Ago
tim.walker (10/11/2016)
Close but what I'm wanting to do is to take a video of a live person dancing.

Ahhh LIVE PERSON!!!! Got ya! Knew I was missing something!!!Wink