Separating the hair from the head/fave sprite
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By kylelee - 4 Years Ago
In CTA3.2, you could use Accessory to modify this issue. (Please refer Online Manual)
By parisgranville - 4 Years Ago
I currently have this problem with CTA 3
By toonsunlimited - 5 Years Ago
Greeting Ramuse1970,

You may not have a layering issue, it could be a joint mask issue.  If you have adjust back hair sprite to be on the bottom layer of the face, but it looks like it's in front of the neck, then try to adjust the joint mask for the neck instead.

By ramuse1970 - 5 Years Ago
Is there a way to make the back hair of a character behave separately from the head/face as it's own layer?
It seems that the back hair is always in front of the neck when it hangs down below the head/face sprite!
I cannot see any way to correct this.
In the sprite editor you can only move the neck in front of or behind the head/face, but not the hair it's self.
The neck should be in front of the back hair while at the same time being behind the head/face.
Does anyone know a work around for this?