Moving head properly in CTA2
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By chernish2 - 4 Years Ago
Greetings all beautiful people here!
I'm using CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline 2.1. I have Emma (G2 character) walking straight forward, and I want her to turn her head to the left on frame 10 and then turn it back on frame 20.
To do so I use 3D Motion Key Editor. I set there a key on frame 10, select head, select a tool with 3 RGB-colored orbits (which is lowest tool in 3D Motion Key Editor), and turn her head to the left by turning the green orbit counterclockwise. The create a key on frame 20 and press "Reset" button.
And when I play my sequence she turns her head actually on frame 9 not 10 and turns it back on frame 13 not 20. 
So I'm little surprized here. Can you teach me how to achieve exactly what I want?
Thank you in advice!
By jlittle - 4 Years Ago
Double click the 3D Motion Layer track at frame 9 to insert a key.
Move to frame 10 and turn the head.
Move to frame 19 and double click the 3D Motion Layer track.
Move to frame 20 and turn the head back.
* Now the head will turn at frame 10 and frame 20.

What originally happened is that between frames 1 and 10 it was tweening the frames which means that it approximated/averaged the head turn between those frames so that there was a smooth transition. That is why the head turned earlier.

It would be the same as moving to frame 10 and placing an arm straight out.
When you play it back the arm does not suddenly jump straight out at frame 10 but will slowly raise the arm from frame 1 until it is straight out in frame 10.

Placing the extra key at frame 9 maintains the the same position as the previous key (at frame 1). Same for frame 19 where It maintains the head position from frame 10.