Characters created with CC messed up in iClone 6. Could someone help? What happened?
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By sjonesdc - 4 Years Ago
Question: have you updated 6 and CC? 
By Aryadhani - 4 Years Ago
I created a couple of characters using CC and also using some clothes from CC Essential Clothing & Fabric. When I imported them into my iCone 6 scene, the outfits were messed up as if broken into sharp pieces. Now it does not happen when I put them in a "blank" or "empty" scene (a scene with no other polygons).

The characters should be like these:

But this is what happened:
By dogged2003 - 4 Years Ago
As you receive your avatar in an empty project? If you insert it by double click LMB?
By dogged2003 - 4 Years Ago
What are the coordinates X Y Z have these avatars? I got this result when X = -2200.0, Y = -4700.0, Z = 1250.0. At the point 0 0 0 - all worked.
By Aryadhani - 4 Years Ago
Has it been resolved? It does not matter what the coordinates are, the character is still distorted. I am attaching the "printscreen" snapshot here.