Cannot import Popvideo file into CTA 2 after installing K-Lite Codecs!
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By CHInc510 - 3 Years Ago
Is there anyway I can still buy a copy of Popvideo 2 as I never had the chance to purchase the previous version and I believe that version works well with Crazytalk animator 2. I don't really feel like moving on to the new version of crazytalk as I'm not able to afford it! But thanks for letting me know, that's all I needed to know!!
By CHInc510 - 3 Years Ago
After I've installed the K-Lite codec packs on my PC, I attempted to import a Popvideo file to crazytalk animator 2 but I continue to get the same error that says "The file cannot be imported because the codec is not recognized in your system." I'm trying to import a file I converted in Popvideo 3 which is in Popvideo format.

I'm not sure what I did wrong, I did everything exactly what I had to do after I reading the Popvideo 3 Online Manual and have already installed the K-Lite codecs. Is there something else I'm missing?!
I'd be glad to know what I should do and get some help here!!
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Unfortunately CrazyTalk Animator 2 is not compatible with the popVideo 3 format. Currently only iClone 6 and CrazyTalk Animator 3 (when released in the 4th quarter) supports popVideo 3 format with CrazyTalk 8 support coming soon.

I'm sorry I can't bring you better news.