Do I need 3DXchange Pipeline to import into iClone 6?
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By Rampa - 5 Years Ago
You need Pipeline to export any bone/skin or animation format. That means to export FBX or BVH from 3DX, you need Pipeline. Also, to export Alembic from iClone, you need Pipeline.

3DX Pro imports everything but Alembic (no Alembic import available yet). It can also export OBJ.

The Pipeline demo gives you a bunch of exports, and thirty days.
By AdventDestiny - 5 Years Ago
I want to use iClone 6 to start learning how to create animations, at least to start out with. I also want to try and 1. export a model created in Character Creator into another program for modification [mainly ZBrush], then take them into iClone for animation, or 2. create a completely original model and bring it in for animation. I also want to try and create original environments for scenes in iClone 6 [probably will use Unreal Engine 4] though I honestly don't know if environments can be imported like models.

Now, obviously I'd like to avoid spending a lot of money, so I was wondering if I can achieve all this just using 3DXchange Pro? Please tell me I don't have to buy the Pipeline version, I know it'd probably make things easier, but it's over $500 frigging dollars!