CC 1.51 - Known Issue with Blender and Sculptris
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By Peter (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately we have become aware of a serious issue with the creation of morph sliders using Blender or Sculptris that may affect those planning to create characters for the contest. Please see below for our plans to remedy the situation for Sculptris users and the current workaround for Blender users. For Sculptris users who have any concerns about how this impacts the contest, please contact

Issue: Character Creator 1.51 closes down when creating a morph slider from an OBJ file edited in either Blender and Sculptris.

Steps to Reproduce:
Export the OBJ from CC.
Sculpt the character in Sculptris or Blender, and export to OBJ.
Import the OBJ in the CC Morph Slider Editor.
Error message occurs and forces CC to shut down.

For Sculptris users: The issue will be fixed in CC1.52. We do apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.
For Blender users: 
CC1.51: Check the "Include UVs", "Objects as OBJ Groups" and "Keep Vertex Order" when exporting the OBJ in Blender.
CC1.52: Check the "Keep Vertex Order" when exporting the OBJ in Blender.
By hj - 4 Years Ago
Hi Peter

What about the issue with OBJ from MeshMixer Autodesk and slider import to CC 1.51 ?

What about, that the body-OBJ-export from CC 1.51 include the "tounge mesh" also ???

By Mythcons - 4 Years Ago

Thanks, Peter. I'll try this later. I've been unable to get Blender to work well reliably with Character Creator, and I've tried all sorts of combinations. It seems as though Blender likes to save extra data that CC currently rejects (the file size goes from 1.37mb to 1.88mb).

I love using Blender for morphs, because of shapekeys.
By Postfrosch - 4 Years Ago
Hi Peter,
I had already received the Blender -thing about my message in the feedbakc-Tracke. With these settings in blenders of the CC working again
I hope, however, that also it works with Sculptris soon.

Currently you can create with Sculptris so Slider:

create avatar in CC -
- Avatar from CC to IC 6:51
- Avatar 6:51 to 3dx6
- Export Mesh asl obj
Edit Mesh in Sculptris and morph -
- In 3dx6 mesh replace
- Avatar to IC 6:51
- Avatar 6:51 to CC
  In CC can then create Slider again.

Incidentally, one with old and obj OBJKEY files create no functioning Slider. Dabgei it does not matter whether the avatars morphed into Sculptirs or only with CC are sliders have been changed. Also I have already reported to the support and also publishes Feedback Tracker.
The lists with files (both kinds) in CC 14.x create Slider function properly, however.
Greetings from Germany
Postfrosch (Werner)
By Mythcons - 4 Years Ago
Edit: It does work, but you must import with the default Blender settings. You cannot retain vertex order during the import. You must split the mesh according to groups. Then export as Peter explained.