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By Mad Hatter - 3 Years Ago
I really like your Insta-Scenes...  they save me tons of time and they are a great value. You get tons of stuff that you can use for a variety of films.  Keep 'em coming!BigGrin
By GrannyJ - 3 Years Ago
Snarp Farkle (8/13/2016)
Those look really nice Granny! Smile

Thanks, Snarp Smile

By Snarp Farkle - 3 Years Ago
Those look really nice Granny! Smile
By GrannyJ - 2 Years Ago

By GrannyJ - 3 Years Ago
Daily Life Insta-Scenes
These Insta-Scenes depict places where people go in their day-to-day routines.

Funerals Complete

Funerals Complete has everything you need to create realistic scenes for your newly deceased. The pack includes 5 Insta-Scenes (Viewing_Mother; Viewing- Father; Funeral Home Reception area, Casket Showroom & the outdoor scene with a complete cemetery & functional new grave). You can drop in your avatars & start filming immediately - or you can use the abundance of component props to create your own film stage quickly.

St. Mary's School
St Mary's School Insta-Scene consists of 4 components to immediately stage your indoor or outdoor scene (the school building, the school furnishings, the terrain & the background). The furnishings & decorating items are also provided as individual props. The school comes with a furnished classroom, computer lab & front office & outdoors there is a parking lot, roadway & a play area complete with a basketball hoop, bean bag toss, & hopscotch. 

Fully Functional BANK
This is an Insta-Scene of a fully functional, furnished bank. Use the outdoor scene for filming your avatar driving into the parking lot or using the functional drive-up teller windows. Use the indoor scene for teller window transactions, conversations in the waiting area, teller trips into the vault to get cash, customers in the safety deposit box room/anteroom, or seated at a loan officer's desk. Or use the components of the pack to build your own banking scene quickly. The BANK pack includes the terrain & the background.

Everything you would find at a community pool is included in the TOWN POOL Insta-Scene pack. Easily create your set, add your avatars & start filming in just minutes! Or use the included components to create your own community pool scene to suit your needs. From the parking lot, to the maintenance shed, office, outdoor showers, & the picnic areas - this pack lets you create a life-like town swimming pool scene. There is even a restroom building with working doors! The pool water has an animated texture that adds to the realistic effect. The outdoor showers spray water (just eliminate the attached particle when not required for your video). The entire terrain encompasses a complete community pool park - just like ones found in cities & towns across the USA.

This FOOD MARKET pack contains everything you need to create supermarket scenes - it has all the food items, displays, refrigerated cases, & building PLUS a cashier avatar and motions for a cashier, a customer, and a child in a shopping cart. The pack also includes a complete market, already assembled - plus the pack has all the components individually, so you can build your own custom market if you so desire.

The HAIR SALON ESSENTIALS pack includes the characters, props, accessories and motions needed to build a realistic scene for a hair salon, beauty parlor or barber shop. There are 3 G5 iAvatars: a male stylist, a female stylist & a female customer (A special thanks to Alley for the incredible texturing of the 2 stylists). Five (5) salon chairs, each with built-in animation for pumping the foot control, lowering the back and raising the chair, are included. The variety of color schemes allows you to pick the chair that best suits your scene. The scissors prop also has built-in animation for cutting action. There are 5 Hair iProps for you to utilize with the cutting hair character motions (auburn, black, blond, brown & grey). This is NOT regular G5 hair or accessories. These are animated props that appear to have the hair shorten as the stylist cuts it. In addition to the character motions for raising the chair & giving a hair cut, there are also 5 falling cut hair iAccessories, that appear to fall to the floor as the stylist cuts the customer's hair. The 5 colors match the 5 animated hair props.
By GrannyJ - 3 Years Ago
This Baking Magic pack has everything you need to instantly start filming a homey kitchen scene - and it includes the avatars with built-in motions that coordinate with the SFX animated props to mimic real-life baking activities like rolling out dough, cutting out cookies, icing a cake, etc.
By GrannyJ - 3 Years Ago
With these Insta-Scenes there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Each of the scenes are complete film stages, all set up with animated components, ready for you to drop in your avatars & start filming. Many of the components are sub-props, so you can rearrange the scene to suit your needs or use it as is. Insta-Scenes are a great time saver when you want to quickly start your film production.

There are a wide variety of themed Insta-Scenes....some depicting modern day life, others from days long past, fantasy-based, spooky & more! Below are some featured Insta-Scenes, however you may click here to view the entire collection of Granny J's Insta-Scenes.

Mystikal Alchemy provides both and outdoor & an indoor Insta-Scene.... a perfects witches lair. The ivy-covered cottage is set in the woods - with a dark forest background, larch pines, an herb garden and a well. With a Wiccan/Pagan theme, the contents provided mimic items found in every witch's inventory - an altar, altar cloth, athame (ceremonial dagger), chalice, wand, candles, crystals, herbs, oils, mortar/pestle, cauldron, Book of Shadows and even a witch's familiar (a black cat). The triquetra symbol is predominant througout items in this pack (this symbol often represents the Celtic trio goddess; as well as earth, air & water - the forces of nature & to early Christians it represented the Holy Trinity; the symbol is currently used by many various faiths, including those who are Wiccan with additional meanings of past, present & future plus life, death & rebirth).

JEWELRY STORE has 2 Insta-Scenes (one inside the jewelry store and one outdoors that includes the parking lot terrain and background). This is a complete jewelry store with working cash registers, working doors, and several types of display counters and cases... and a ton of jewelry! In addition to the jewelry props, also included is a plethora of jewelry accessories - so your customers can view items on display, the clerk can take them out of the case, off the display & hand them to the customer & the customer can try them on! Complete continuity for your scene - realism at its best!


The pack is called "Gator Swamp Living" because it accurately depicts many of the hunt camps found around Florida's swamps (and was actually modeled based on my husband's hunt camp). The cabin has animated, functional doors; the airboat & ATV have built-in animation and so does the cooler (which is stocked with plenty of beer sub-prop). The pole barn has a game hoist to raise the harvested gator and also has an alligator skull & a half-belly pelt (with the required cites tag for a permitted kill). The pack includes native swamp vegetation like mangroves, cypress, cattails, palmettos & scrub pine - all with built-in animation via the prop's perform function. Typical to Florida wetlands, 2 fish (largemouth bass & crappie) plus an alligator can be found in the "wildlife" folder - each with built-in animation.

This Insta-Scene contains a Ballet Academy Dance Studio and a Hallway with lockers & a water cooler. The packs also includes 5 avatars: 3 ballerinas, 1 prima ballerina, a ballet instructor & a pianist (all with built-in motions). Many of the included iProps have built-in animation (windows that open/close, doors that open/close, water that swirls in water cooler & pours from spout, built-in key movement on piano to simulate being played, etc). There is also a ballerina's dressing screen with semi-transparent panels & a rack of tutus for an upcoming production!

By GrannyJ - 3 Years Ago
All of these Insta-Scenes focus on the places people go to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it's at the local beach, a secluded island or in your own backyard. Every Insta-Scene is ready to use, just drop in your avatars & start filming. Or take advantage of all of the individual components included with each pack to create a custom scene that suits your needs!

Typical of the great beach boardwalks found up and down the USA Atlantic shores, this pack is chock-full of items you'd expect to see at any of these beaches. From the sand, palm trees and seaside background, this is a truly realistic boardwalk scene (it even has swimming dolphins).


Remember those lazy summer afternoons, when friends & family would congregate on the back porch for some tasty treats? Well it's these memories that were the inspiration for this Desserts on Deck Insta-Scene! Use the complete D_O_D Insta-Scene as is, or use the abundance of included props to create your own palatable masterpiece. The door on the house has built-in animation, and there is an illusionary plane behind the door that mimics the view of an interior kitchen (with plenty of room for an avatar or 2 to walk through the door). Expand the house prop to turn the porch lights on/off. Right click on the deck prop to activate the built-in motion on the ceiling fan. The hanging planters can sway gently in the breeze when you activate their built-in motion.
The gas grill and all the food items are quite realistic and can be utilized in many other projects.

A lovely mountain cabin sits on a rise above a meandering creek with lazily swimming fish under a blue sky with big, puffy drifting clouds. This pack come with a complete scene & background all set for you to add your characters & start filming. Simply click to add the BTC Insta-Scene & the BTC_Background to your project, add your avatars, and you are ready to create a beautiful outdoor scene.
With the Prams in the Park Insta-Scene your avatars can be dropped into your film stage & you can start filming immediately using the included motions. Depicting many of the City Parks found across the USA and in other countries, this pack can add consistency to your urban films by adding the "green space" that many city dwellers enjoy.