Forum icons and pinning favourites
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By TopOneTone - 8 Years Ago
I notice that some posts have pins and paper clips, excuse my ignorance but what do they mean and how did they get there? If I want to mark a post so I can find it quickly how do I do that or can I create a favourites list?
By Snarp Farkle - 8 Years Ago
Not sure of the pins but the paper clips means there's an attachment in the post, the pins are most likely to show the thread was 'pinned' to the forum by a moderator.

To save a thread as a favorite just click on the "Subscribe" button and choose "Add to favorites".

There are other options available if and when you create a NEW topic also.
By Skuzzlebutt - 8 Years Ago
or just bookmark the page in your browser
By Snarp Farkle - 8 Years Ago
You can also "Tag" a post here.  Use what ever tag you want but do try to keep it somewhat relevant for the topic.  For instance I use "Good Find!" to tag 3rd party software finds others or myself come across.