Can Characters Made With iClone 6 CC Be Copyrighted?
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By GrandMasterMystic - 8 Years Ago
Hi everyone I was wondering if iClone 6 Character Creator has the same terms as DAZ3d where I can't get copyrights to the characters I make? I researched and found out that only in still renders and cg films can DAZ3d characters be copyrighted. So in terms of game development me and no one else can receive copyrights to prevent others from replicating my character. I don't know if that's just with DAZ3d or does iClone 6 CC have the same terms but I need to know immediately what are the terms of the Character Creator since I can't find it anywhere. I'd like to be able to have some rights to characters I make since I'm not yet good enough to make my own clothing from scratch for my characters in other 3d software.
By Snarp Farkle - 8 Years Ago
That's an interesting question GrandMasterMystic, I don't think it's ever been discussed here before.  Reallusion is really big on DRM protection that I do know, you might get a better idea of that part by reading through this thread.

Also read the Reallusion Content End User License Agreement for a closer look at your rights regarding Reallusion content.  I'm curious to see what others will think of this question too. Smile

By GrandMasterMystic - 8 Years Ago
Ah I see so in other words if I completely change the edge loops and uv maps of the characters and their clothing that's when I can get copyrights for them?