xbox one kinect plud and computer interface
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By jamye - 5 Years Ago
thank you, i have ordered from Microsoft adapter... could you provide a link for  MOCAP upgrade please....
By jamye - 5 Years Ago
i have used Reallusion MOCAP successfully with xbox kinect, and xbox 360 kinect. i just purchased xbox one kinect and it has an odd plug-in. looks like usb and a keyway slot on top. Has any one, successfully connected it to a windows based computer, with usb or firewire outlets. would you please take a min or so and describe for me what to do. any mods needed to make it work? ....many thanks in advanced
By LP_movies/tvs - 5 Years Ago
if you order just know give it a few min and look again the same happen to me Smile
By Peter (RL) - 5 Years Ago
Hi... If you have purchased a "Kinect For Xbox One" then you also need the Windows Adapter. Please click HERE to see it in the Microsoft Store.

In addition you will need the latest version of the Mocap Device Plugin. The older plugin for "Kinect For Windows" and "Kinect For Xbox 360" will not work.