Adjusting Size of Imported Background
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By dougteach - 8 Years Ago
We are importing "cartoonized" JPEG images to be used as backdrops in our animations in Crazy Talk Animator 2.  When recording camera movements, it does not seem to allow zoom and pan on the background image.  Is this doable?  We would like to reframe the scene by adding camera movement.  Thanks!
By Ibis Fernandez - 8 Years Ago
Dont import them as backgrounds. Impoirt them as rips then you can place them and adjust them any way you like. The Background elements is basally useless. Only use it with like a solid color or some sort of patter to fill in tghe gaps left by your real background elements which are actually props.
By dougteach - 8 Years Ago
Thanks so much!  I will do that.