SWF loops infinitely

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By vidi - 4 Years Ago
Extract  a Single Image of you animation  
Use the Sprite Editor for  switch to this  Image.
By joepixxy - 4 Years Ago
Oh, I think I have found what you are talking about;
is it this?

By joepixxy - 4 Years Ago
Thank you all for your help. I've got it now.

jlittle, your tutorial was very helpful!
By joepixxy - 4 Years Ago
Thanks for the quick reply.

Please is there any tutorial on this? manual or video?

By joepixxy - 4 Years Ago
I have searched in this forum and online but couldn't find any solution.

I have created an animation in flash and I wish to import it into CTA2 and convert it to animated prop
You can view the animation here

The problem I am having is when I import it into CTA2 the swf loops infinitely, and doesn't stop.

Please is there anything I am missing?

By jlittle - 4 Years Ago
Typically for an animated prop you will have two (2) static images (Start & End) an one (1) animated image (Loop).
You use the static Start image to show the prop before the loop starts.
Then you switch to the animated Loop image at the frame needed.
When the loop has completed you then switch the sprite to the static End image.

See my tut on how to use animated props HERE and you will see what I mean.