VFX200 effects and internet connection.

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By Objektimake - 5 Years Ago

I just sit and wondering....

I just buy a few products, iClone6 S, popviedo3 and super vfx200 -effects.

Just wondering, why those effects do not work in offline.

Case 1.   (Internet offline) There comes a backround text "iclone" around the area, and when try to export, program says it is trial and its not possible.
Case 2.   I connect the internet ON, then 54.xxx.xxx.xxx:80//iclone.exe//  raises up, and i can do what i want to do.

My Windows,my all programs, my contents and everything are buyed original in stores.

Maybe it is a something drm things what just check am i a legal owner a content what i have payed in store ?

What if my internet dies, and i sit here poor and whitout a content?

Earlier today i pushed those " Content activation and content 1-click verification" buttons in iClone.
Then i just found this, and there says it needs activate once. https://forum.reallusion.com/29647/All-you-have-to-know-about-DRM-and-product-activation

By Lukepan(RL) - 5 Years Ago
Hi Objektimake,

Please live update Downloader to 2.17 and re-download Super VFX 200 pack.
or download and install using the link below. Then install the pack again which should resolve the problem.

1. Using new downloader to download this content pack
2. Login when you open iClone 6.
This pack will can be used offline.

By Objektimake - 5 Years Ago
Thanks Lukepan (RL).

-Downloader_217 (downloaded earlier)
-Content (downloaded earlier)

I just do that "login" in the startup ,and that fix the problem.
Everything works also offline.
- And now i have content in my life.-   Smile