CrazyTalk Comedy Contest
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By Realtimer (RL) - 5 Years Ago

Tell us your best joke, and WIN over $1,000 cash! 
Join the CrazyTalk Comedy Contest by animating your funniest joke, a gag, one-liner, or a short funny story in under 60 seconds with the help of CrazyTalk 8. With CrazyTalk its easy, as literally anyone can animate an image or photograph in minutes by using the power of their own voice. Simply animate your best joke, upload to your Facebook page, and share to Reallusion Facebook. Then invite your friends, coworkers and family to LIKE and SHARE your animated video to help you win. Its that easy. We have even prepared a free, limited-time Special Edition version of CrazyTalk 8 to get you going. So join today and cash in on this contest today !
By Realtimer (RL) - 5 Years Ago
After a month of awesome showcases, the CrazyTalk Comedy Contest has ended on June 24th. 
We received over 60 animated entries in such a short time! 

Now we will start the review process and announce the winners in a week or so. 
Stay tuned! 
By Realtimer (RL) - 5 Years Ago

After a month-long contest, the results are in! The overall judging process took into account all the finest efforts to create the best animated jokes with special consideration to high-quality animations. A special exception was made to allow longer videos into the contest after many users requested that we reconsider. We hope everyone enjoyed this contest, and we thank all of you for being a part of it. Bring in the winners, and Congratulations to All !


1st Place for Best Animated Joke - ‎Izara Masie for Native American Wisdom.


2nd Place for Best Animated Joke - Tom Jantol for "Ba Gaaaaaak"


Most Likes - After much deliberation this category was eventually terminated, as some contestants were employing many questionable accounts to increase their overall post Likes. In the end this category proved too controversial, so it was decided to simply share the prize money ($500) between 3 Honorable Mentions that kept to the original humor and high-quality spirit of the contest.  


HONORABLE MENTION # 1 - Anita Bell for Dragon Tattoo


HONORABLE MENTION # 2 - ‎Ricky Crespo for Lucy vs George


HONORABLE MENTION # 3 - ‎Gary Crockett‎ for Darryl the Dingo Wife Died


Each winner will be contacted by our team in order to deliver their prizes.