How can i make Sci-fi Armour for CC characters any suggestions?
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By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
Looking good. Is the yellow headband on the head tessellated the edges look very well defined on that part? 


By wendyluvscatz - 4 Years Ago
If you want to sculpt a higher poly version you can use Xnormal to bake maps to use for tessalation on the original mesh.
By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
I would love to make some sci fi armour for CC characters does anyone have any ideas on how i could go about this? i have 3DXchange pipeline if that is a help. 
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
My next step with this is to export the mesh and then use blender to move the vertices so the mesh edges match the texture better
By Kipster - 4 Years Ago
you also have a option to attach armor from other sources (separated from other models)
and save them as accesories, if you used CC they can be saved as  presets
it's best to do it in areas that don't bend like forearm-thigh-shin-head-upperchest.
just to avoid poke throughs.

By Lord Ashes - 4 Years Ago
Delerna (5/21/2016)
No you cannot add or remove vertices. But my thought on the add shapes to the character to construct the armour isn't doing that.
You would bring each armour shape into 3DXchange, Save it as a prop. Add the and attach the prop to the character in iClone and then save it as an accessory

I user this concept for my Real Wear line of clothing. However, this concept is very limited and would probably not work for full body armour because the prop will not bend with the character. This means the armour would need to be constructed out of many parts similar to medieval plate armor so that each piece can be attached to its own body piece. The most common "trouble" areas are joints where there is a lot of movement (such as shoulders, elbows, knees and so on). I have a "proof of concept" for a Trench Coat but it is very blocky due to the need to have pieces overlap to cover exposed areas when the joints move.
Of course, if the armor is supposed to be made up of parts then having some exposure in places would be realistic as opposed to a fault.

By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
Hard to say without knowing what it loks like. So that should be your starting point.
Here are some idears that come to my mind.

Export a nude cc body from 3dxchange and then use it as a template for fitting basic shapes to the boddy parts and then modify those shaps to form the armor shapes so they fit the body parts they are intended for

Create greyscale textures for the cc characters body so that you can use iclones tessellation capabilities to form the armour.
Likey that exporting the body mesh from 3dXchange and then replacing it with the mesh after you modify it to shape the armour better would help

If you want to use CC's cloth texturing abilities on the armour you could possibly use CC clothing export and modify through 3dXchange.

And there are tons of other ways

Again difficult to say without knowing what it needs to look like
Also, i am not a pro at this and these are just idears which i have used and they worked for me

By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
I think I would create the basic shapes to fit the character in blender save them into iClone as props and then use tessellation to add the finer detail for those from your pintrest.
But again I'm not an expert so just throwing ideas out
By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
Thanks again for your help and suggestions. I know there is a lot to be said for optimization how much i choose to optimize depends on how much i need to optimize. i would like to push the quality as high as i can but understand that with larger scenes optimization is often necessary. I intend to use the characters for a lot of action based scenes. The characters will need to look good close up with main characters. In regard to close ups the quality of the characters has improved greatly since i started with iclone (V4) and now after peaking the new PBR based shading i see the future being very bright indeed. 

By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
Thanks Delerna very helpful. Smile
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
Actually that should be your second consideration
What are you going to use your armored character for?

Because as pointed out by swooop, that will have major consideration for how to model it
Edit:- But then again i think you already reallise that

Like i said, my focus is on video production not games
So everything i say and do is for simple sceene video production only

Ie....used in iclone only
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
Yes all tessellation
The arm bands also
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
Not dissagreeing with swoop because he is right.
However I am not making wonder woman for a game.
I am mking her for video production.
Scenes for my video's are nowhere near as big as games so i am not worried about it.
In fact i have used her already in a few video scenes and it ran fine. Not slow ..... at all.
Also must be naughty of reallusion for using tessellation on their trenton charactor which also runs fine in scenes.

Oh and yes,, from a distance normal mapping works fine.
Untill you do closeups at an angle. Then it becomes obvious nothing is there.
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
Here are some screen shots of a wonder woman CC character I have been working on.
Apart from the hair everything is tessellation on her naked body.
No clothes on her whatsoever
By Snarp Farkle - 4 Years Ago
Here's an example of the "Cybernetic" project that came as a "CC Essential Learning Resource" when I bought the "CC Essential Complete Bundle", I don't know if there's any other way to get it, I'm just now starting to play with it now myself.
By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
Hi Delerna thanks for your suggestions i had thought about using the tessellation feature but wondered if the mesh resolution was enough to get the level of detail i wanted. Vector displacement maps seemed like a good idea as well, im just getting my head around character customization so any ideas are welcome ideas. I'll have to look more into the 3dxchange workflow, i know that if you export obj from cc you cannot add additional vertices or subdivision which kind of defeats the purpose for armour.  Here is link to my pintrest board that should give you a good idea as to my sci character taste. Sci-Fi Characters Pintrest 

Thanks IO 
By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
I'll read through your suggestions again a few times until its fitting well in my brain lol. Good luck with Wonder Woman im not too young to remember her. Wink  
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
And your book is the only one worth following isn't it!
I learnt a long time ago from a quality manager where I worked.
How much quality do we need to put into our product? Enough to make the customer happy.
Quality higher than what is needed is a waste of time and money.

Anyway, I'm not going to get dragged into another discussion with you that floods this thread with opinions.
We have all given ideas, now either post new ideas or let the OP do it however they want.
By Delerna - 4 Years Ago
No you cannot add or remove vertices. But my thought on the add shapes to the character to construct the armour isn't doing that.
You would bring each armour shape into 3DXchange, Save it as a prop. Add the and attach the prop to the character in iClone and then save it as an accessory
By IO1 - 4 Years Ago
Thanks for your help guys.