3D Scanned clothing items and accessories?

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By ChristineCat - 4 Years Ago
Hi all, I'm looking at the iClone 6 Studio Pipeline Suite to see if it would be a good fit for our small studios need for an accessible middle-ware and previs tool for presentation reasons. Right now we are working quite heavily with 3D scanning environments and clothing content geared toward VR gaming and video. If we start working with IClone you will probably see a lot of photo-realistic content from us quite soon. 

By Lukepan(RL) - 4 Years Ago
Hi ChristineCat,

1. You can not create Cloth for Character Creator character now, please wait CC 1.5 version. 
When we release CC 1.5 version, you can create your own clothes. 

2. You can add softcloth to any prop or accessory. However, you only can use softcloth setting on plane or one face mesh. You can not use on cube or close mesh.  
3. You can attach any objects to standard character model in iClone6. 

You can find some tutorial in Reallusion youtube channel.
Like this one to teach softcloth setting: