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By txon - 6 Months Ago
By Kevin.S - Last Year
By Peter Blood - 2 Years Ago
I'm a bit nervous about posting after Kevins experience but...

Gratz on the win Tokomotion. Well done.
A very interesting character you have there. Any ideas for taking him farther?

Cool pete 
By txon - 2 Years Ago
By Snarp Farkle - 2 Years Ago
Congratulations ToKoMotion, well done!
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
very nice.
Greets from Germany
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
Hi txon,
nice Pictures
Greets from Germany
By txon - 2 Years Ago
congrats 4u2ges ..... VERY GOOD
By LookingGlassGraphics - 2 Years Ago
By LookingGlassGraphics - 2 Years Ago
By Kevin.S - 2 Years Ago
iClone 6 and 7
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
Greets from Germany
By txon - Last Year
By Tarampa Studios - Last Year
Great work JoelLo...
Well deserved, no matter how many entered. 
@Realtimer ... I think I saw an entry from HJ last month too tho. Did he miss the cut-off date? 
I thought the deadline was the last day of the month? 

Can you please clarify this for future reference please?  
By gordryd - 6 Months Ago
By Kevin.S - 6 Months Ago
By Ziggy72 - 2 Years Ago
Nicely done Kevin, love the shadows, and the textures, and the lights, and... well, all of it Smile
By Kevin.S - 2 Years Ago
By animagic - 2 Years Ago
Kevin.S (4/6/2017)

I have 100s of banners and animations im not trying to be on top, im just bored today... work is slow BigGrin

It was to suppress the troll...Crazy
By justaviking - 2 Years Ago
Realtimer (RL) (1/13/2017)
Hi Christy, 

This is great!  Did you use Indigo RT? 

Christy0 (1/12/2017)

Totally agree... It's a beautiful and very eye-catching banner, and I too was wondering if you used Indigo (it looks like it).

Hello, Pinhead.  I found you.   Wink
By justaviking - 2 Years Ago
Christy0 (1/14/2017)
I never get tired of the old Mars Attacks type films.

About your banner, I can only say, "Ack ack ack!"   Wink

By Space 3D - 2 Years Ago
Violin and Titanic deference style

Visit Space 3D Gallery -
By AndrePeisker - 2 Years Ago
Cyberpunk Lina Nox - Cyber City
By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
AndrePeisker (10/4/2017)

  •  Cyberpunk Babe - Lina Nox

Very well composed. Transmits a big screen atmosphere.
By alemar - Last Year
great work KevinL! you deserved.
Thank you TonyDPrime!
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
Halloween season, and found this spooky free temple in Daz today...
Feeling playful, so I exported it to my faithful old favourite iC5... Wait! Don't groan too soon, LOL...

That part took less than 2 minutes. 
Then added some DOF, lighting, a book, vignette, 2 avatars, some vines, gravel, fire and some rotating  HDRI Dummy props
(just out of view) to imitate a flickering over-exposure effect with coloured beams...

Which took less than 10 minutes and rendered out to this...

Then into Sony Vegas to boost mid tones a little and add a touch of animated bokeh to enhance the flickering firelight... rendered out to the required Banner size 1920x700... and Voila! 
Stacks of fun, even though I've got no chance of winning Banner of the Month with such an old version.
But will be great to see how much better iC7 can handle this when DOF gets repaired in the next update later this year... so excited, can hardly wait! BigGrin

By txon - Last Year
By txon - Last Year
By Postfrosch - 8 Months Ago
Hi Robert,
congratulations Laugh
Greets Werner

By 4u2ges - 4 Months Ago

Our office girl (a cat lover) set it up as a desktop wallpaper Hehe

By toystorylab - 5 Months Ago
Okay, my second try BigGrin

By Peter Blood - 2 Years Ago
I've missed Jungle Girl. Always good to see an old favorite return.BigGrin

Cool pete
By Peter Blood - 2 Years Ago
Thank you for the kind words everyone.Smile It's always gratifying to have fellow artists appreciate your work.

Bleetz: Actually it's neither. It's IC5 Wink

Cool pete
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
Starting to snow... a little project I'm working on for my first attempt at joining the Walter Pinhead events this year;
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
A medieval Banner-Picture
Greets from Germany
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago

and putting the clone back into iClone, hahahaha....
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
I-Clone really rocks for 3D Toonstyle!!! 
I don't think they get enough recognition for it.  
So fast and easy - and sooooo much fun!!  
(I made these with Toonmaker2 accessories so blinking and facial animation is easy too.)

... or this one using a few tricks I learned recently with Toonshader:

Some say Toonshader is okay for still shots, but lets them down in animations, but I achieved this by tweaking my textures as well as the Toonshader settings, and I switched on Ambient Occlusion. e.g: 

Here is a link to an original scene from Archer, which takes 60 staff 1000 hours per minute of animation using much more expensive software:

And here is a link to a derivitive test using iclone for educational purposes, which took me (by myself) only 30hrs per minute
- and it only took that long because I had to *learn* how to re-create the characters first:
LINK to my iClone version:
Please note: I didn't bother with falling donuts or low camera angles in my version.
I just wanted to see if iClone could get close, and I'm really impressed with how well it did!


By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago

Greets from Germany
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
Greets from Germany
By wildstar - Last Year
Goku Blanco AKA : Ultra instinct
custom character made using CC base, morph sculpted using Mudbox. assets sculpted and put as cloths using 3dmax rendered with Octane render
and Iclone render for POPcorn FX
By Postfrosch - 11 Months Ago
Hi Robert
your Banner look nice
Greets from Germany
By duchess110 - Last Year
It has been a loooooooooong time since I have done much still rendering but with the recent update to the indigo plugin I have been doing some experimenting.
I  have added below some of my tests.
By Alon Dan - 9 Months Ago
Hello All,
I hope I'm not too late, I didn't know which one to choose so I put few shots from the animated short which I produced back in 2017 using iClone 6 for most of the work, Character Creator for the characters and Blender to make the assets.

Since there was no iRay Renderer for me back then, I used Unreal Engine to render the final animation, everything animated inside iClone 6 which was challenging to do without a graph editor editor (not complaining, just saying it was tricky).

OH... one more thing, it was the very first thing I ever made using iClone, Originally I'm a professional 2D Animator so it was a really nice challenge to learn how to use it from scratch and tell one of my many creative stories...
I hope you enjoy these chosen screenshots (no edit or post, pure realtime screenshots).

Just imagine how would it look using today's updated tools such as iClone 7, Character Creator 3, iRay etc..
Maybe I should work on a new project on my spare time using Reallusion's tools again..... maybe.

By Peter Blood - 2 Years Ago
Very nice work 3d Smile
Looks like a poster for "Black Sails". Charles Vane contemplating his next move.

Cool pete

By mark - 3 Years Ago
WOW! What an honor! Thanks Everybody!
By txon - Last Year
Thanks to Reallusion, we will continue working with ICLONE 7 and thanks guys for your words
By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
Thank you much for commenting, Peter! Smile

Some facts might be of interest. I could not make iClone lights to work properly in RT 4.0. So the whole scene is illuminated with emitters.
The first one is supposed to be a day time scene with illumination through the windows on the right. The second is a night time, where I actually have 8 ceiling lamps with fluorescent tubes emitting light (although the main source is still on the right as one can judge by cast shadows).

Still, lot to explore with RT 4.0 - one noticeable difference though, is that with GPU Acceleration, rendering is 3-5 times faster compare to 3.8
By Andrés Moya - 2 Years Ago
Hi. I have a couple of banners I want to share with all of you.  This the the first one, I call it "Acoustic romance", hope you like it.  Original image ->
By Postfrosch - 2 Years Ago
from Germany
By 3dtester - 3 Months Ago
Congratulations @Hewa' s Art
By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
peterblood (6/1/2017)
Grats on your much deserved win. That is a great banner.
Cool pete

Thank you Peter! Smile
By Kevin.S - Last Week
where are all the banners ! No Christmas projects anyone ?
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
Wow love those giant killer robots. I think I recall Kai saying that he has a special place in his heart for them too... I mean, who doesn't? lol... 
Especially love the interaction between the nearest dude and the horse. 
Great work Pete! Is that iC6 or 7?
By txon - 2 Years Ago
By Kevin.S - 2 Years Ago
By Peter Blood - 2 Years Ago
Beautifully done. Easy to see it was crafted with care.


By RyderHS - Last Year
By txon - Last Year
By LookingGlassGraphics - Last Year
Thanks for the feedback Realtimer. I will try it out and see how it comes out.
By hj - 10 Months Ago