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By TheOldBuffer - 4 Years Ago
Well done. An excellent piece of work. 

By mark - 4 Years Ago
Another classic from Jason! Bravo!!!
By jasonjbrown - 4 Years Ago
Hey Folks!
After six months of work, I've finally finished my newest short film called "Epic SuperCut 2016".

I call this style "post-visualization" as opposed to "pre-visualization", and I wanted to push iClone 6 to the limit.  (Of course, that meant hundreds of system crashes and boggy navigation, and unreported bugs galore!)

This video has a huge number of iClone particle effects and cloth physics simulations. In iClone I created 18 different worlds, several of them containing nearly 3 million polygons, and there's extensive use of Autodesk's not-yet-released Memento 3D capture system in some of the landscapes and objects.

I really hope you enjoy the video. Watch it in 1080p with the speakers turned UP! LOL!

By pumeco - 4 Years Ago

Enjoyed that, Jason!

An interesting project being in constant change like that, in fact it's the first time I ever saw such a thing and it was worth the wait!
I liked the track you used as well, never heared of them before which is a wonder for me as it sounds like an 80s track (will check 'em out).

He's obviously a cool dude cause he listens to Vinyl, but I'm buggered if I know why he's playing that record on an old gramophone!
Surely he should have been playing it on a Technics SL-1200 or something equally as cool BigGrin

Other than his choice of turntable, I thought it was pretty awesome!

By Walt_R - 4 Years Ago
Very enjoyable to watch. Your time and effort (and over coming the system crashes) was well worth it. Bravo! Smile
By toonarama - 4 Years Ago
Great animation - really imaginative and fits perfectly with the song
By duchess110 - 4 Years Ago
Really enjoyed watching your video. Congratulations a lot of work I can see has been put into this.
One thing that caught my eye was the whirling dervish I would liked to have seen more.
By thebiz.movies - 4 Years Ago
Great video Jason.  Some great scenes in there.  Entertaining and inspiring.
By Peter Blood - 4 Years Ago
Bravo! An incredible amount of work and it paid off with an amazing project.

If you're like me, you've watched it about 6 million times while making it and you can still watch it some more. Tongue Great Job

Cool pete
By Peaches Chrenko - 4 Years Ago
BigGrinSmile BigGrin Really enjoyed this! Lots of work.. loved the scenes with the music Very nice! BigGrinSmileBigGrin
By elliespotter - 4 Years Ago
I'm very impressed.

Have you sat down and worked out how many hours work went into each second of the final cut?
It will probably be a scarily big number!