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By Relhoek - 7 Years Ago
I just installed the updated German versions and now it works! It only had to do that the German versions are updated later than the Englsih ones. Again thanks for your avatars!
By Relhoek - 7 Years Ago
Hi ToKoMotion,
first of all thaks for your tutorials and for your characters. I bought the Kids Morph Collection and installed it. In CC (and Iclone 6) I can see the folder with the kids in content / template but not on the right side Modify. When I try to open a kid I get the error message "Faliled to load the file.". Do you have anhy idea to help ...?
By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago

Here is just a quick hint on how to fix a mesh poke through that you may encouter when working with my Stylized Kids & Teens Characters (or CC characters in general)Opacity Maps included in the attachment.

By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago
Hi Snarp. Thanks for your feedback - really appreciate it.

Here is another Tutorial on how you can increase the visual quality of my Stylized Kids and Teens (or CC Characters in general) in iClone. Enjoy and looking forward to see your creationsBigGrin.

By Relhoek - 7 Years Ago
Thanks for your informations. I use the German versions of CC and Iclone. They don't have updated versions like the English ones have ( CC 1.3.1218.1 , Iclone 6.3.2422.1).
I will ask the RL support.
By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago
Hi Relhoek.

Thanks for your feedback. Please check if you have installed the latest versions for iClone and CC (iClone 6.4 or above and CC 1.4 or above). If this doesn't help, please contact RL support as they have better knowledge regarding technical issues. Thanks again for letting me know.
By Snarp Farkle - 7 Years Ago
Nice work ToKoMotion, they all look very nice!  Smile
By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago
Hello Everyone.

Time for an update! The Stylized Kids & Teens Packages now include the separated Head and Body morphs for each character. That offers much more freedom in the creation process and opens new ways in combining different character morphs. Here is a quick introduction video:

All user who purchased the packs from the Marketplace will receive an information via E-Mail till the end of the week and the morph sliders will be available for download in the Inventory then. All Content Store users need to re-download the installation file from their Members Account. Thanks.

Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Have fun and Happy Creating!  
By Snarp Farkle - 7 Years Ago
I really like your tutorials ToKoMotion, they are very easy to follow.  Thanks for taking the time to create them! Smile
By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago
Hi Everybody.

Snarp Farkle explained an issue with character TOM in this post in another thread. You may recognize that TOM isn't well grounded and floats over the floor like shown in this screenshot:

Character LEO has the same problem and I'm terrible sorry that I didn't realized this earlier to fix it before release.

I just wanted to let you know that CC1.5 will have a new feature that makes it possible to edit floor contact and you will be able to fix this issue really easily when it's released. I apologize for any inconveniences caused and keep my fingers crossed that we don't have to wait too long for CC1.5.Smile
By ToKoMotion - 7 Years Ago
Hi, folks!

My first CC character package has been released in the RL Content Store this week. I'm very happy and would like to use this thread as a Feedback-Questions-Hints'n'Tips-Showcase section for you.

So please feel free to add any feedback or questions regarding working with the CC Stylized Kids & Teens Morphs. I would also be really glad if you post your creations here. Furthermore please let me know if you face any issues or if you have any suggestions. I will try to provide as many Hints and Tips, Tutorials and Add-Ons as possible for this pack in this thread.  

Enjoy and Happy Creating!Smile