A Frog in the Throat.

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By Britlish - 5 Years Ago
In this video I have used the visual power of iClone to illustrate the concept of ambiguity in English sentences.
No frogs were harmed in the making of this video.
By Colonel_Klink - 5 Years Ago
Keep 'em coming Britlish. I love them. Pity I wasn't still teaching, your videos would be in my classroom as a must watch Smile
By mark - 5 Years Ago
These are so very cool! And I really need 'em too!!!!BigGrinBigGrin
By Britlish - 5 Years Ago
Thanks to both of you, Colonel and Mark. I appreciate your kind comments.
By Peter Blood - 5 Years Ago
A frog maybe, Doze but absolutely not a toad.  NEVER!!! (Toads have absolutely 0 cooking skills.) Tongue

Great series, I'm really enjoying them.

Cool pete