how to turn a runing motorcycle into 90 degree angle smothly
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By bwmiller - 4 Years Ago
thank you. i am doing as you advised. i will upload the result here for you to see. 
By bwmiller - 4 Years Ago
Hi buddy, i am facing a problem in turning a runing motorcycle. can any buddy help me giving suggestion  how i can turn it in 90 degree angle smoothly while its runing.

is there any video tutorial on it. please help. its very urgent for me now.
By jlittle - 4 Years Ago
CTA is a 2D program so you must provide an image for any angle you want to present an object at.
So for turning a motorcycle (I assume from a side view to a front or end view or visa versa) you need an image of the motorcycle for each angle you want.
If you want a smooth turn then you need several angles in-between so that means an image for each angle.
You can build a prop with multiple images so that using the sprite editor you can change the image of that prop at different key frames.
Keep in mind that the character only turns by 45 degree increments.