Time line stops 1800 frams can't move time line out to 2200 frames

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By TaraPup - 5 Years Ago
Thanks I will try
By TaraPup - 5 Years Ago
Thanks you were big help I had pressed about everything except that GO FIGURE!
By TaraPup - 5 Years Ago
Been looking for a way to extend the time line. I'm locked at 1800 frames and everything I try will not move it out further out on the time line?  Windows 7
I can adjust timeline stop in but can't get pass 1800???
By thebiz.movies - 5 Years Ago
In Iclone you look under project settings (under the edit menu) to adjust the number of frames in the timeline.  I imagine its the same in CT.
By duchess110 - 5 Years Ago
I see you are referring to Crazy Talk.

By TaraPup - 5 Years Ago
Yes Crazy Talk 8 7 works great