CrazyTalk 8: Tips and Tricks Master Index
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By Eric (RL) - 9 Years Ago
Here is a master index of Tips and Tricks for CrazyTalk 8. Feel free to post your own here or in this forum. We'll be constantly updating this thread for any latest tips you have provided.

1. How to get a exact likeness when bringing CT 8 head into CC
2. Importing CrazyTalk 8 3D Heads and Scripts into iClone 6, and Saving 3D Heads in iClone 6

By vidi - 9 Years Ago
Can you also show the trick how to make Character like Nassar, Sammy , Miguel, Jean ?
Why can I not explore this Character with  the face fitting Button ?
By Dessiex - 8 Years Ago
I agree! I would also like to see how Nassar and Miguel characters are fitted. I cant find any documentation about creating this type of character and they are suspiciously too "clean". When I try to fit a character from a drawing their eyes are nowhere near this good. The blink on Nassar seems too good to be true...