Mocap-Character's position changed
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By kmckoy13 - 8 Years Ago
My character walks around the area and stops at a certain spot at a certain time in my time line.  At this current spot I want to do a mocap animation but when I connect and ready to do a preview my character suddenly faces in a whole different direction, almost turning his back to the camera.  How can I do a mocap at that very position I want my character to do his animation?  with him suddenly rotating because I did a preview mocap
By Rampa - 8 Years Ago
what mocap system are you using? kinect or Nueron?

For Kinect, I would try: When your character stops try hitting "F" so your camera (or Preview) is looking directly at them from the front.

For Neuron you could also try the above, or just turn yourself to the right direction. Neuron is not limited to facing the camera like Kinect.