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By Bellatrix - 5 Years Ago
To be clear... just for practice...
I've made 3DX EE profiles for different face rigs so far
G5 G6 CC Genesis1/2 even marked around with 'Dishonored' freebie
My finding...
Lipsync is still a huge issue because of these inter-related factors:

1. Character Creator produced avatars with mismatched mouth weight

I have kept my 100% made-in-CC female very very GENERIC in shape.
Referenced to Natalie for good practice
Pic shows WOO turned to 100% on the same viseme key in timeline.


That's why I said we should not design character faces BLIND without facial poses/ anim.
This is why I said WE NEED AUDITION MOUTH POSES within CC.
CC's "Mouth Open" audition is insufficient; it's just eee to show teeth
To get CC viseme to match default profile and mouth weight
We need Ah, Woo, TLD, BMP inside CC
Even some facial animation presets
Parametric character creation basics.

Every Genesis I create in Daz Studio
I run them through vowels and expressions before Iexport for further morphing

The whole point of new "improved" CC lip tongue accuracy
will be MOOT - if non-extreme CC avatars pronounce Ooo as Ahhh!

If users wish to morph non-generic, as in EXTREME face morphs...
Which, is in HUGE demand

We will need custom CC viseme profile
But there remains the unsolved puzzle
Problem No.2 : How to access CC's traditional style viseme morph?
It seems to exist but hidden somewhere, according to Timeline Viseme Lip Editor?
Is editing the Explosive/ Africates etc enough to do corrective CC mouth morphs?


Questions, questions...

By animagic - 5 Years Ago
And good questions/suggestions they are indeed. In that context, it would also be great if we had a direct connection between CC and 3DXchange, without have to go through iClone.