How to update Indigo plugin ????
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By msjaebea - 5 Years Ago
After I updated my iClone, I saw the update for the Indigo plugin, downloaded it and tried to install it.  It told me I had to uninstall the first one.  Trouble is, I can't figure out how to do that.  When I go to my menu, the full RT version is there but the plugin is nowhere to be found.  Is that uninstall done inside of iClone?
By wires - 5 Years Ago
You need to uninstall the plugin using the Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features. When you install the new version you need to have your Plugin Serial number available, and you also need to redefine the path to Indigo RT inside iClone.
By msjaebea - 5 Years Ago
Worked perfectly, thank you!
By waltonje - 5 Years Ago

Hi Guys... Really nice work on the renders using Indigo..... What's the average time and settings for those pristine results using a average PC?