iClone 6 test: spell = Ring of Fire

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By Andi - 5 Years Ago
Hello My dear iCloner!

And again I have created a small test clip for you! Since I but was very surprised at my last test clip "Sword litter" because some users had here the Tema taken up the same and had also made a test clip of it (what I had was very happy), I was not able to make one more trappings !  BigGrinWink

This time it is about a wizard who uses a magic spell and it conjures up a ring of fire! Only the movements of the magician (except for a few corrections) I have not created yourself, because there are ready Motions from my content! All other movements are mine! TongueWink

 I am times machined if any of you this Tema is also pick a clip to make it! w00tWink

Here we goHere we go:


Best Regards